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Caring Industry Leaders‘™ Creed

We stay alert to innovative technology and do everything we can to make the hearing aid experience the best it can be for all users.  This is the creed of Caring Industry Leaders™.

A Caring Industry Leader always considers the wearing experience and accommodations for individual circumstances when fitting receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids:

The wearing experience

  • Easiest possible insertion of the hearing aid speaker sufficiently deep into the ear canal
  • The ability to access, control and manipulate the hearing aid speaker
  • Optimal results in hearing and understanding
  • Minimal hearing aid feedback
  • The feeling that the hearing aids are secure


  • Any mobility, dexterity or other physical limitations
  • Individual angles, bends and obstructions of each ear canal
  • The desire for independence
  • The benefit of its ergonomic design to caregivers when assisting with insertion

A Caring Industry Leader is concerned about all hearing aid users, not just their own patients.

A Caring Industry Leader is aware that using Gruv Buttons™ and other Each Ear, LLC assistive devices, also helps employ people with disabilities and/or disadvantages who seek greater independence at Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin.

The Caring Industry Leaders™ are important, not only to hearing aid users, but to the entire hearing healthcare industry.  Each Ear, LLC proudly designates the hearing care professionals listed in our Directory as Caring Industry Leaders™ because they have demonstrated that they care, they serve and they lead.

Jeffrey Szmanda, President
Each Ear, LLC – Makers of Gruv Buttons

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